Frequent question: In which network each computer shares its resources with other computers on the network?

When a computer on a network shares resources with other computers it is called?

Answer: server. Explanation: A computer that shares resources with other computers on a network is referred to as a server.

What is a computer on the network that uses resources of the network?

Clients – Clients are computers that access and use the network and shared network resources. Client computers are basically the customers(users) of the network, as they request and receive services from the servers.

What resources can be shared on a network?

The most frequently used shared network environment objects are files, data, multimedia and hardware resources like printers, fax machines and scanners.

Which of the following computer networks is built on the top of another network?

Explanation: An overlay network is a computer network that is built on top of another network.

Is a computer that accesses the resources available on the server?

Clients, also known as service requesters, are pieces of computer hardware or server software that request resources and services made available by a server.

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What is computer network and uses?

A computer network is a set of computers sharing resources located on or provided by network nodes. The computers use common communication protocols over digital interconnections to communicate with each other.

How do computer networks share resources?

Sharing a Resource with the File Sharing Wizard

  1. Select Start, and then click your username to open your user profile folder.
  2. Click the folder you want to share. …
  3. Click the Share button in the task pane. …
  4. Type the username and click Add.
  5. Repeat step 4 as necessary to share the folder or file with other users.

What is share in computer?

A share is a network share on a computer network containing a directory of files or a drive shared with other networked computers. … Share is a Windows command line command that installs support for file sharing and locking capabilities.

What is shared resource example?

A Shared Resource is a durable asset that you create once, and then charge the customers for using it many times. Classic examples of this form of value are gyms, museums or amusement parks.

Which of the following allows devices on one network?

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)

What is the name of the first network?

The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) was an early packet switching network and the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP. Both technologies became the technical foundation of the Internet.