Quick Answer: How do I permanently delete a shared Google Doc?

How do you delete a Google Doc that has been shared?

Open the shared Google Doc.

  1. Click on the blue box reading “Share” in the top right corner, and then, in the bottom right corner of the popup window, click “Advanced.” …
  2. On the new popup menu that appears, to simply unshare the Doc entirely, click the “X” next to the name of each person you want to remove access from.

Why can’t I delete a shared Google Drive?

Open your Google Drive account and check for the files in My Drive and Shared Drive. If the files are located in Shared Drive then they cannot be deleted. Else if the file is in My Drive then try using some other browse or clear cache and try again.

Why can’t I remove a document from Google Docs?

Right-click on the file and select “Share.” See if there are any public share settings that have a slider that you can turn off by moving the slider to the left. If there are, that should remove the document from the Docs home screen. If there aren’t, try the other option above instead.

How do I delete documents from Google Docs?

Put a file in the trash

  1. On your computer, open Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.
  2. Next to the file you want to delete, click More. Remove.
  3. The file will be moved to the trash section of Drive. Learn more about finding and recovering files in the “Trash” section of Drive.
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How do I clean up a shared drive?

Organizing Your Drive/Directory

  1. Create a folder structure.
  2. Use a consistent file name.
  3. Document your decisions.
  4. Review the existing records on your drive.
  5. Transfer historical records to the Archives.
  6. Purge unnecessary non-records and eligible temporary records.

What happens if I remove a shared file in Google Drive?

If you delete a file that was shared with you, they are not sent a notice that you removed it. Perhaps see this help topic, Delete and restore files in Google Drive. Also note that if you delete a file shared with you, it just removes it from your drive and has no effect on anyone else’s drive.

How do you delete recent documents on Google Drive?

Steps to follow

  1. Open your Google Account from your computer.
  2. Click on Data and personalization at the top left side of your screen.
  3. Under the Activity and timeline option, Click on My Activity.
  4. Then click on “More Option” at the top right side of your screen.
  5. Then click Delete Activity.