Frequent question: How do I make a shared mailbox my default sender?

How do I change the sender of a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Send mail from the shared mailbox

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose New Email.
  3. If you don’t see the From field at the top of your message, choose Options > From.
  4. Click From in the message, and change to the shared email address. …
  5. Choose OK.
  6. Finish typing your message and then choose Send.

How do I change the default sender in Outlook?

Change your default From address

  1. At the top of the page, select Settings. > View all Outlook settings.
  2. In the Options pane, under Mail > Sync email.
  3. Under Set default From address, choose an address from the drop-down list.
  4. Select Save.

How do I send email on behalf of a shared mailbox from my personal mailbox?

In order to send on behalf of the shared mailbox, you must specify the shared mailbox email address in the From field. To add the From field to your email message, left click Options. Under Options, in the Show Fields area, left click From.

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How do you change which mailbox an email is sent from?

To change the “From” address, you need to make the “From” field visible. Open a new email in Microsoft Outlook and then click Options > From. This will make the “From” field visible. To change the “From” address, click the “From” button and select one of the email addresses you’ve added to Outlook.

How do I automatically send from selected mailbox in Outlook?

Step 1) Open up your outlook and select “File” in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

  1. Step 2) Then select the “Options” button, this will present you with the following screen.
  2. Step 3) Click on the “Mail” Tab and scroll down to the section called “Send Messages”.

How do I set up a shared mailbox?

In the admin center, go to the Teams & Groups > Shared mailboxes page.

  1. On the Shared mailboxes page, select + Add a shared mailbox. Enter a name for the shared mailbox. …
  2. Select Save changes. …
  3. Under Next steps, select Add members to this mailbox. …
  4. Select the +Add members button. …
  5. Select Close.

How do you send on behalf of a group mailbox in Outlook?

Send a message on behalf of a group in Outlook on the web:

  1. Open Outlook on the web.
  2. To create a new message, click .
  3. Select the More Actions menu > Show From.
  4. Right-click the email address in the From field and select Remove. …
  5. Type the name of the group you’re sending the mail on behalf of.

How do I send email from shared mailbox not on behalf of Outlook?

When composing a message click on the From in the drop-down box and select Other E-Mail Address. Type in the email address here that you wish to Send As and click OK. The next time you compose a message the Alternate Email Address will be available from the From Drop Down Box.

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How do you send an email on behalf of someone in Outlook?


  1. On the Home tab, select New Email.
  2. Click the. …
  3. Within the Send From Other E-Mail Addresses window, click From.
  4. Make sure More columns and Global Address List are selected.
  5. Type the email address of the person you want to send as or send on behalf of and click Go.

How do I change the sender name in Microsoft Mail?

In Outlook, choose File > Account Settings > Account Settings. Select the email account that you want to change, and then choose Change. You can change your name on the Account Settings screen. To change the name that displays when you send email, update the Your name field.

How do I change the sender name in the Mail app?

Three steps to edit your default sender details:

  1. Log into your account and click your name at the top right corner. From there, select Account from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the Account page, click Sender info.
  3. Enter your preferred sender name and sender email address, then click Save.

Why is Outlook showing my name instead of sender?

How do I fix? Sounds like you’ve added the “To” column instead or the “From column to your view or you have your view set to “Sent To” instead of “Messages”.”