How do I get xPub key from Blockchain?

How do I get xPub code from Blockchain?

xPubs can be created with our new Blockchain Wallet

You should create a new account inside your wallet exclusively for transactions facilitated by this API. When making API calls, use the xPub for this account (located in Settings -> Addresses -> Manage -> More Options -> Show xPub).

How do I find my xPub key?

Open Electrum Wallet > go to wallet menu > information > the Master Public Key (MPK) you find here is the xPub key.

How do I get my xPub key from my trust wallet?

As a general rule, if the chain has an XPUB key, use that key instead of the wallet address. So if you use any of the coins above, open your Trust wallet and continue on to the section titled “Getting Your Public Keys”.

What is xPub code?

An extended public key, or xpub, is a public key which can be used to derive child public keys as part of a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet. An extended public key is a Bitcoin standard established by BIP 32 and is mainly used by a wallet behind the scenes in order to derive public keys.


Can I send BTC to XPUB?

As of today, Pocket allows you to share your xpub, i.e. all Bitcoin addresses from your wallet, in addition to a single Bitcoin address.

How do you get XPUB from Ledger wallet?

Getting the xpub in Ledger Live

  1. Go to the account to get the xpub for and click on the wrench icon.
  2. Expand the Advanced logs in the Edit account window that appears. There you can copy the xpub which looks like a long alphanumeric string beginning with xpub…

Does Coinbase have xPub?

The following wallets do not provide you with xpub keys: BRD wallet. Jaxx wallet. Coinbase wallet.

What is Bitcoin xPub address?

What is an XPUB? As the name implies, an XPUB is a special kind of public key, namely an extended one. While the details are more complicated, public keys can essentially be thought of as the basis of your receiving addresses, which is not unlike your postal or email address.

How do I get xPub from electrum wallet?

How to Find xPub On Electrum Wallet?

  1. Open up Electrum Bitcoin Wallet on your desktop. …
  2. At the top of the screen, click “Wallet” and then “Information”.
  3. Find the string of text that underneath Master Public Key that starts with “xPub”.
  4. Copy Paste that string of Text into Poof.

Where is xPub key on Coinbase wallet?

  1. Login.
  2. Click Settings > Wallets & Addresses (from bottom left)
  3. Click Manage (will need to repeat for each wallet you have)
  4. Click More Options > Show xPub (on the righthand side)
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What is xPub in Blockchain?

The xPub is the source a wallet uses to derive addresses that you use for receiving funds. Once your Lockbox has been connected to a Blockchain web wallet, you’ll still be able to view and monitor your Lockbox balances and transactions from your web or mobile wallet, even if your Lockbox has been disconnected.

How do I read xPub files?

XPUB files can be read on iOS and Android devices using our PubReader app, available for free on App Store and Google Play and can also distributed and sold on iOS and Android devices using our Shelf platform.

How do you get xPub in Exodus?

How to Find xPub On Exodus Wallet?

  1. Open up Exodus Bitcoin Wallet on your desktop. …
  2. Click on those dots and you should see the option to “Export xPub”.
  3. You should receive a message that says “Your xPub has successfully been exported” along with the file path that points to where your xpub was exported to.

Does ethereum have an xPub?

Blockchains that do NOT need an xpub:

Ethereum (ETH) and any tokens stored on your ETH address.